VTemulation.net is no longer actively maintained, please see the announcement for more information.

Welcome VTemulation.net is a gaming community providing coverage of homebrew and commercial
video game console emulation. We provide in-depth coverage on most aspects of emulation and related materials. We work to provide a place where anyone can discover, explore, and enjoy emulation to it's fullest.

VTemulation.net is on an indefinite hiatus and hasn't been updated for quite some time. This website is currently online as an archive for anyone who might find the content or information useful. Please visit specific project's websites directly for current news and releases. You may also want to check out the following resources as well:

Wikipedia - Emulator Article - A great overview of game console emulation and general info.
Wikipedia - Emulator List - A current and well-maintained list of known emulators.
1Emulation.com - An actively maintained emulation website and community.
MacScene - A emulation news website focused on emulation on OS X.
OpenEmu.org - A great multi-system emulator for OS X.
Vintech - My personal blog and other (neglected) website.

Please feel free to contact me using the Contact Form if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.

- Vince | 12-19-2014